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Sunny Scholar

Sunny Scholar

Sunny Scholar is...

  • Beyond Sunny Scholar goes beyond the stage of experience to engage in activities that promote social change.
  • Create Sunny Scholar creates hands-on practical solutions for social problems.
  • Upgrade Sunny Scholar offers an advanced educational program that helps people become innovators.

A sandbox for young people who want to find solutions to social problems.


To help young people grow to become social problem solvers in the social
sector by teaching them how to actively define problems and presenting
them with opportunities to gain real field experience.


Sunny Scholar offers optimized training and experience in creating solutions for social problems.

  • Education

    • Education on the data analysis method* for analyzing social problems and the systems thinking method.**
    • Various case studies to help find solutions.
    • Prototype methodology for creating solutions.
    • *Data Literacy: Training on the ability to find and analyze data related to social problems.
    • **Systems Thinking: An analytical method of separating and connecting complex social problems into individual elements to find the root of social problems.
  • Experience

    • Volunteer work experience in the field of social issues.
    • Various kinds of visual experience through reading/discussions on social issues.
    • Experience in CSR/ESG activities of social enterprises and enterprises dedicated to solving similar social problems.
  • Support

    • Physical resource support such as costs for activities and costs for solution design/development.
    • Human resources support such as mentoring, field experts, and more.
Who Sunny Scholar Seeks
  • Those who want to solve social problems but don’t know how to start.
  • Those who want to analyze social problems, create solutions, and apply them on-site
  • Those who are in need of human/material resources to solve long-term social problems.
    (People who are able to seriously commit to a course that lasts more than six months.)
Special Consideration
Those who are actually experiencing the problems they would like to solve.
Those who are looking to create long-term solutions. (Those who want to start a social enterprise, non-profit organization, etc.)
What We Offer
  • Education to help students define social problems, create solutions, and put them into practice.
  • Professional mentors for each solution; opportunities for field experience.
  • Support for development and activity expenses of up to 3 million KRW (roughly $2,415.00 USD) per project.
  • Excellent team award for each stage including problem definition, solution advancement, and execution [up to 12.5 million KRW (roughly $10,070.00 USD)].
  • Connection of follow-up activities for excellent projects (organization, accelerating, investment, etc.).